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FOOD March 19 2014 Comment


During Dutch Design Week 2013 I came across a young beer brand called ‘Beerze’.

A brand that fitted in seamlessly in the rough industrial area of DDW. Old cars, leather jackets, hipsters with beards, smoke coming out of outdoor wood stoves, the smell of fire, bands playing. Yeah, there was definitely a Rock-‘n-Roll vibe going on.

And I can see why Beerze is called ‘Beer with Character’. After the first sip you’ll know why. This beer has body and is very rich in flavor. Beerze beer is available in 3 different types: Beerze Beer 5.5% – a beer with a fresh fruity aroma and a hint of sweet. Beerze Brave 7.5% – a blond beer with body and fruity hop aroma. And Beerze Bold 10.5% – a large bottle ‘Triple Hop’ with fruity aroma and strong body.

Curious to find out what a Beerze tastes like?

WhatIWouldBuy is giving away a basket of Beerze Brave 7.5% ánd a bottle of Beerze Bold 10.5%!

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The winner will be announced on of Friday the 28th of March. For those who didn’t win or can’t wait to try it: Beerze is also sold at Dutch Conceptstore ‘HutSpot’ in Amsterdam.