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INTERIOR aug 28 2013 Comment

There it was. A design lamp. It’s upper part floating in the air… Was it a trick? Was it magic?

I stood there for a while, thinking about whether or not to touch it. I guess I was afraid of breaking the spell… But my curiosity got bigger and bigger and I put my hand between the two parts. Nothing happened. I gave the upper part a little spin what made the floating part bounce softly on the air. Fascinating!

The lamp, called Floating Lamp,  is designed by Angela Jansen (graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven) and developed by mechanical and electrical engineer Ger Jansen. Together they are a part of CREALEV, a dynamic team that created the levitation technique and consists of talented designers and engineers.

The clever design of the lamp uses the latest LED and electromagnetic technology, can be dimmed and is extremely low in power consumption! The Floating Lamp comes in two models: Silhouette and Eclipse. The ‘Silhouette’, based on the iconic table lamp, has a handcrafted wooden base with a glossy finish. The ‘Eclipse’ is designed with a focus on Modernism and has a transparent glass base where you can see the power cord running inside.

The black ‘Silhouette’ would look absolutely stunning in my living room, so I’m saving up already!