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INTERIOR January 11 2016 Comment

Imagine this. Owning an eco friendly house, that you’ve fully paid for – so no mortgage, and having more financial freedom. Sounds great right?

Well, it’s possible for many of us! But…here it comes… You have to be able to live in a tiny space. And by tiny I mean teeny tiny ;).

Since the economic crisis there has been a movement called ‘The Tiny House Movement’. Originated in America and slowly spreading across other countries too. Nowadays, the movement is becoming a way of life. It’s about simplifying your life, getting rid of all the stuff you don’t really need and leaving behind a smaller footprint on this world. Less home, more life. A conscious choice.

Tiny houses are ment to permanently live in (so not for recreational living), measure between 15 – 50 m2, have an average price of € 35.000,- and some of the houses are also self sufficient.

I’m not sure if I could live in such a tiny space myself, but I surely do like the philosophy behind it. And let’s be honest, these mini houses are so ridiculously cute, I bet many of us would like to live in one :).