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TRAVEL Aug 4 2014 Comment

If you’re following @whatiwouldbuy on instagram you’ve probably noticed I was in Antwerpen/Antwerp/d’Anvers last week. I love to go to Belgium for short getaways! It’s not far from Amsterdam (depending on where you go it’s a 2 to 3 hour drive), there’s quality food everywhere, the cities are characteristic and the countryside is super pretty and relaxing.

I visited Antwerpen several times and although it’s not a huge city, I still end up discovering new hotspots, hotels, restaurants and shops every time. This time I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast in the chic neighborhood Antwerpen Zuid. The area where the ‘Sophisticated and Trendy’ come together to wine and dine in one of the many restaurants, cafes and bistro’s. The center of Antwerp is also very nice and has a lot to offer, but is a lot more touristic than Antwerp South. Besides, in South it’s quite easy (and affordable) to park your car while you’re only a 15 minute walk away from the center.

Our lovely B&B, De Witte Nijl, was located near some popular squares with many terraces and restaurants where it’s ‘see and be seen’. I could shop all day, come home, have a quick bath and roll straight out the door to one of the hip terraces. Very convenient ;). The squares I’m talking about are among others MarnixPlaats and Leopold de WaelPlaats. Go to FiskeBar for quality fish dishes and a tasty sgroppino, have lunch with handmade shrimp croquettes at Bistro Shilling and enjoy a fabulous cappuccino with mini marshmallows at Wasbar :).

For shopping you go towards the center taking the Kloosterstraat or the Nationalestraat. In the Kloosterstraat you’ll find a lot of Vintage and Interior Design shops. Stop by The Recollection, where they sell furniture, plants, fashion and cosmetics. For high-end shopping you take the Nationalestraat. In this street you find STAY Boutique Bar, a lovely little shop with home decoration, fashion and food. And then there’s the harbor area a.k.a. ‘Het Eilandje’ in the North of Antwerp, where you can visit the MAS museum. Go to the roof of the museum and you will be treated to a 360 degree panoramic view on Antwerpen city.

In just two night and three days you can see a lot of amazing Antwerp and have a proper city break! Enjoy your stay :).

  • Love,
  • Danique

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy