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FASHION September 13 2015 Comment

Throughout the year I travel quite a lot. From far and exotic vacation destinations, to city trips around the world and short weekend breaks in my home country. To save time and packing stress I always have a small bag standby with my latest travel essentials in it. Very convenient!

The travel essentials in my bag vary from time to time, but some products I always take along. Such as a tube of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, my favorite multi-purpose moisturizer. A minimalist marble statement bracelet and acrylate ring from Oform, because it instantly upgrades any outfit. A lint roller (sticky paper), to remove hair from clothes and stay neat. A miniature of my favorite perfume of the moment, which I take with me in the (aircraft approved) Travalo perfume atomizer. And my all-time favorite neon pink/orange nail polish ‘hot watermelon’ from Face Stockholm.

Other beauty essentials in my bag are a Face Mist, a very good one is the organic rice plant & rosemary tonic from Pai skincare! And a fresh smelling Cucumber & Aloe bodylotion from Boots Ingredients.

What’s also very handy to take along while traveling is a linnen shopping bag, like the durable denim bag from Yaco. Saves space in your suitcase because it’s easy to fold! And a soft casual sweater for cold moments. The grey unisex sweater with comfortable loose fit from Yunit-Studio is favorite at the moment :).

Add some of your own travel necessities to this travel packing list and you’ll have a great packing list for all your getaways!

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy