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BEAUTY March 31 2016 Comment


I’m pretty sure it’s part of almost every woman’s daily beauty routine: mascara! Mascara has an instant eye-opening effect and gives you a fresh and awake look without too much effort. There are countless mascaras available, but… how do you know which one suits you best? Opinions and preferences vary from person to person, but to narrow it down for you I’ve been testing 5 different black mascaras and today I’m sharing the results.

I’m also busy testing more mascaras as we speak, so stay tuned for more mascara reviews later!

What my own lashes are like? I have fairly straight ‘Asian-like’ lashes with an average length. What they primarily need is: length, volume, curl and lift.

Here are my findings on the first 5 mascaras that I’ve tested:

  • BENEFIT ‘They’re Real’ mascara
  • What does it promise?
  • A long-wearing formula that won’t smudge. It’s supposed to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate the lashes.
  • What do I think about it:
  • The brush of this mascara has both long and short silicone bristles that grab my lashes close to the root. They do feel a bit sharp but I like the round tip with precision bristles that can be used to fan out the tiny corner lashes. After I’m done wiggling the brush horizontally I finish with vertical strokes to push my lashes up and get more curl. This mascara keeps its promises.
  • SMASHBOX ‘Indecent Exposure’ mascara
  • What does it promise?
  • To extend the lashes to extremes.
  • What do I think about it:
  • From these five mascaras this one is my favourite. It has a soft, straight, spiral shaped brush that directly brings out the right amount of mascara. It feels nice to apply and it separates and thickens my lashes. I would say this mascara is more for achieving thicker lashes rather than for achieving longer lashes, but when I layer I can definitely achieve more length. With this mascara I can achieve the best ‘false eyelash’ effect.
  • CHRISTIAN FAJE ‘SuperB – semipermanent’ mascara
  • What does it promise?
  • To be a unique mascara for those who like maximized eyelashes. It’s supposed to lift, separate and give volume.
  • What do I think about it:
  •  I like it! A lot :). It has a very flexible soft brush and an air-tight container that makes sure the mascara doesn’t dry out easily. The quite long silicone bristles “hug” my eyelashes from root to end, which feels nice when I apply it. The effect is as promised: lifted, separated and volumized.
  • ESTĒE LAUDER ‘Sumptuous Knockout’ mascara
  • What does it promise?
  • That lashes are fanned out, lifted and defined.
  • What do I think about it:
  • The short bristles of this thin oval shaped silicon brush feel a bit sharp. It doesn’t feel super comfortable when I apply the mascara to my lashes. What I do like about this mascara is that it seperates and defines my lashes and that it’s ultra black. After applying several layers, my lashes seem thicker and as promised: fanned out. Thanks to the short bristles this mascara is also suitable for the lower lashes.
  • ISADORA ‘Waterproof Build-Up Extra Volume’ mascara
  • What does it promise?
  • To be 100% waterproof, suitable for sensitive eyes, and to give dramatically thicker and fuller lashes.
  • What do I think about it:
  • “100% waterproof”: I agree. “Suitable for sensitive eyes”: I agree. “Dramatically thicker and fuller lashes”: I don’t agree. It’s called ‘build-up mascara’, but even after applying several layers my lashes don’t really seem to get thicker. What it does do: it separates my lashes perfectly and creates a natural effect.

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy