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INTERIOR May 11 2015 Comment

Good morning! Today we have another brand new, super easy DIY project for you! Follow the steps and give boring old vases a brand new look through this quick DIY makeover.

Collect the following material:

  • – Some old glass vases
  • – Some old newspapers or cardboard
  • – A can of spray paint in the color of your choice
  • – Ammonia or paint cleaner

⇒ Step 1. Go to the thrift shop and buy some glass vases in different shapes and sizes (or use your own old ones).

⇒ Step 2. Degrease the vases with paint cleaner or ammonia.

⇒ Step 3. Place them on a newspaper or cardboard and spray on a thin layer of paint.

⇒ Step 4. Allow the first layer to dry thoroughly, then spray the vases again until they have a nice solid color.

TIP: Make sure you spray on each layer thin to prevent the paint from dripping.

Tadaaa! Makeover completed :).

By WhatIWouldBuy’s INTERIOR contributor Carina.