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INTERIOR October 1 2015 Comment

After a short DIY time-out it was time again to get some work done, so I dove into my closet with DIY material and came out with 4 porcelain plates :).

These plates were the outcome of my thrift shop roadtrip last spring. As the clock mechanisms had to come all the way from China, it took a while before I could finish this project. In this DIY project I will show you how I transformed the plates into beautiful clocks. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish one of the four plates as it was too thick for the clock mechanism that I purchased. So I owe you one ;)…

PS: Three clocks is a bit too much for our little apartment in Amsterdam. So if you are interested in one of the clocks, please let me know. They are on sale, so if you make a good offer, one of these hand made clocks can be yours!

To make your own porcelain plate clock, collect the following material:

  • – Feathers (in case you want to pimp the hands)
  • – Clock mechanism
  • – Masking tape
  • – Batteries
  • – Wrench
  • – Stone Drills
  • – Drill
  • – Tape-measure
  • Step 1. Measure the center of the plate.
  • ⇒ Step 2. Put a piece of masking tape in the centre on top of the plate.
  • ⇒ Step 3. Take a drill and put it on a low setting (not the hammer-drill mode), place a thin stone drill in and carefully begin to drill at the centre point.
  • ⇒ Step 4. Carefully set the drill to a higher position.
  • ⇒ Step 5. When the hole is made, use a larger drill to make the hole bigger.
  • ⇒ Step 6. Now install the clock:
  • – Insert a rubber ring at the back.
  • – Push the clock mechanism into the hole, from the back to the front.
  • – Slide the ring and the bolt on the screw thread of the bolt.
  • – Tighten the bolt with an adjustable wrench.
  • – Slide the hands on top of the mechanism: first the hour’s hand, then the minute’s hand and at last the second’s.
  • ⇒ Step 6. Before inserting the battery, make sure that you first put all hands above each other, so it indicates noon. When the battery is inserted, you can set the correct time!

Also take a look at the Dutch DIY video from YDEAS!

By WhatIWouldBuy’s INTERIOR contributor Carina.