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INTERIOR okt 22 2013 Comment

What a great time I had, these last three days during the Dutch Design Week opening weekend! Meeting brands and designers, attending a press breakfast here, having a few drinks there… Non-stop fun and inspiration :).

Although I was present for three days, I still haven’t seen it al. There was just so much to explore. From sky high 3D printed shoes to soft cabinets made out of rubber foam, from real sized knitted boy-friends to multi colored light installations. From a high tea starring Dutch vegetables to a magnetically grown moon dress. As I said; so much to explore!

And when you go to a Design Week, you stay in a Design hotel! You’d think such a thing wouldn’t be so hard to find… But surprisingly it took me a while to find a place that met my preferences. I had to look further than the city. In a little town next to Eindhoven to be precise. I’m talking about Hotel Nijver in Geldrop. Situated in a historic building with nicely decorated rooms, you can feel the rich atmosphere of the past. Tip: book an executive or bridal suite!

I’m not yet giving away all of my personal favorites that I found on the DDW because I will highlight those in various posts the upcoming period. That way my favorite brands and products will get all the attention they deserve :). But what I did do is make a selection of my own photos, so you can get a taste of the DDW13 vibe :).


Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy