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 BEAUTY Dec 18 2013 Comment

A simple beauty regime with ingredients so active you can literally feel them doing the right job, and which comes in simple, sophisticated packaging? Can I get an AMEN!

I’m talking about the skin care and makeup of FACE Stockholm. A brand founded in Sweden by Gun Nowak during the 80’s. Not being able to find the right kind of make-up, CEO Gun started her own line out of frustration and voila: FACE Stockholm was born. Today the brand offers an extensive makeup and skincare line with a no-nonsense attitude and has professional makeup schools in Sweden, Norway and The United States where the next generation of makeup artists from around the world is trained.

I’ve been using some of the products for the first time since a couple of days ago and I must say I’m very content! From the skin care line I’m using the ‘Swedish Defense’ corrective serum and exfoliating cleanser. My skin was somewhat dull and a boost of radiance was more then welcome. I’ve been using both products twice a day and boy can I see my skin changing already! I’m not only seeing it, but feeling it too: the glycolic acid and cleansing agents are doing their thing. Which is also a reason to be careful while using this product. At first your skin can react to it with a little redness, but after a few days it will be renewed and radiant like never before.

From the makeup line I’m currently using the tinted Brow Fix, Lip Exfoliator and Lipstick in the color ‘Tint’. I’m crazy about the Lip Exfoliator, which ensures to eliminate dry and chapped skin (an issue that keeps haunting me). The stick also leaves a light colored base on my lips that preps them for an even smoother color application afterwards.

Let’s FACE it. This brand has a new fan :).

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy