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BEAUTY February 29 2016 Comment


Shake shake shake, dab dab dab! I’ve been looking forward to this new lip makeup product for a while and now I finally have it: The Lancôme Juicy Shaker Lip Oil. A beautiful pigmented lipgloss and nourishing lip oil in one. A real beauty must-have!

From the 13 beautiful colours I chose Wonder Melon. A sheer pink/orange shade, perfect for Spring/Summer.

I absolutely love how the oily formula and the super soft sponge applicator feels on the lips. Before applying you have to shake the Juicy Shaker very well because the pigments have to blend with the oil. The more you shake, the more colour you get. For the very first use it takes like 30 seconds before the ingredients are properly mixed. After that it’s just a few shakes before its ready for use.

The sponge applicator feels really nice and makes it super easy to apply. The oil leaves a marvelous shine and hydrates your lips for hours. I noticed that after 30 minutes or so, the colour is still there but my the lips have absorbed the oil and I need another ‘shake’ to achieve shine again. It works a bit like a lip stain, where the colour is absorbed by the lips and therefore has a long-lasting colour effect. But when it comes to shine; the Juicy shaker is more liquid then a lipgloss, so if you want to keep the shiny effect you will have to apply it more often.

I’m also addicted to the smell. It’s so good! The fruity watermelon scent makes me think of Summer ♥.

The Lancôme Juicy Shaker is like cocktail for the lips :). And what’s not to love about that?

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy