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BEAUTY June 5 2016  Comment


Today I’m sharing two of my new skin care favourites from a skin care brand that I recently tested: MÁDARA Cosmetics.

Mádara Cosmetics is a  natural skin care brand from Latvia that uses natural ingredients based on (Latvian) plant extracts. They offer a wide range of high-quality products and only use ingredients that are safe and certified.

Before my pregnancy I suffered from acne-prone skin but during my pregnancy and even months after that, my skin was super healthy, glowing and radiant. Pores were minimized and I almost couldn’t remember how annoying it was to have breakouts. I was in ‘perfect skin’ heaven ;). Unfortunately, a couple of months ago my skin became acne prone again due to raging hormones that were trying to come into balance.

Within the Mádara range I found a miracle worker for problem skin: a deep-purifying detox mask with Nordic forest lake mud. It deep cleanses and tightens my pores and (when I respond quickly) it also prevents my skin from having breakouts! When I feel an inflammation flaring up, I immediately put the Mádara Ultra Purifying Mud Mask on my skin for 15 minutes. After that I use it every day until I feel that the inflammation is subsiding. The mud gets very hard so it’s a bit of extra work to get it off, but the results are great, thanks to lactic acid and the power of the mud that binds toxins and heavy metals and eliminate them.

Then there’s another Mádara product that I use almost every night before going to bed: the Mádara Soothing Hydration Organic Facial Oil. This dry oil is a powerful cocktail of 8 super seed oils (avocado, broccoli, rosehip, oat, evening primrose, black currant, cranberry and sea buckthorn berry) and is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients. It battles skin irritation and is perfect for using after the Detox Mud Mask, when my skin needs an extra shot of hydration. The oil feels (and smells!) heavenly soft and I love that it’s not too greasy and fast absorbing. I use it almost every night before going to bed. Next morning my skin always feels nourished, radiant and ready for a new day.

Highly recommended for those who are seeking for high-quality natural skin care!

Photography by Danique Bauer – © What I Would Buy