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FASHION Sep 16 2014 Comment

Yesterday I was at the Marie Claire Starters Award 2014. An event where three talented finalists and their business plans are in te running for an award. From over 100 entries, a professional jury chose three best business plans.

The winners that made it to the finals were:

  • – Marieke Havermans with ‘Onora’, a sustainable, low-cost and stylish coffin.
  • – Anna Winkelmolen with ‘Anna van Mills’, a concept where women can create their own perfect pair of shoes.
  • – Anne-Floor Sinnige with a range of luxury scented soy candles called ‘Moments’.

The winning business plan might not have the most cheerful topic, but it certainly has the best business potential: the sustainable, biodegradable, coffin concept ‘Onora’. Sure, you might not want to think about it now, but everyone on this planet will eventually die sometime and everybody will once have to deal with it. Marieke created Onora because of the lack of affordable, less polluting, modern looking coffins. A great sustainable choice to make when it comes to making last choices in life.

I wish all three finalists lots of success in their future career!