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FASHION June 27 2016  Comment

Whether it’s high Summer or in the middle of December… I’m a sucker for sunglasses and I’m always looking for new ones :). Personally I prefer sunglasses of good quality, with a high-quality frame, polarized lenses and good UV protection. I think it’s very important to protect your eyes and I can always tel the difference between cheap sunnies and more expensive ones.

My latest pair of sunglasses are from KENZO, which I found in the beautifully renewed Hans Anders store. As I strolled along the huge collection of glasses and sunglasses, I spotted a navy/black unisex frame with metallic rust coloured temples. The only thing was: it wasn’t sunglasses but regular glasses. And while I silently wondered if the frame could be combined with shaded lenses and could be turned into sunglasses, the answer came from behind me: “no problem at all”. As if the shop manager was reading my mind ;). In fact, he told me that all regular frames at the store could be turned into sunglasses. I just had to choose from a wide range of coloured lenses and pick my favourite :).

Two weeks later my self-assembled KENZO sunnies arrived at the store and this is what it looks like. I’m happy I chose the grey/blue gradient lenses instead of the brown gradient lenses that I wanted in the first place.

So what do you think? Cool shades huh :)?

Photography by Danique Bauer – © What I Would Buy