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BEAUTY October 30 2014 Comment

Like many others of you, my interest in natural and organic skin care products gets bigger by the day. The awareness of customers is increasing, more and more people want to understand what products they are using and which ingredients these products actually contain. An ingredient list in latin? Good thing that it’s listed on the product, but most of us will only understand half of it. What we want is a simple explanation of the active ingredients that’s clear to everyone.

Human+Kind is a new Beauty brand that understands our needs. Gentle products with natural ingredients, no harmful petrochemicals, attractive packaging, a clear explanation of the active ingredients that can be found on their website… ánd: the percentage of naturalness displayed on each product.

The product range is divided into four categories: a Beauty regime, Treatment regime, Skin Brightening regime and Hair care. From the first three regimes I’ve tested the following products:

⇒ Skin Lightening Age Spot Remover: A moisturizer that reduces age spots and the appearance of wrinkles. This cream has a very nice substance, light and velvety. It smells like cucumber, shea butter and avocado. Naturalness: 97.6 %

Face, Body and Hair Oil: A multi-purpose oil full of vitamin E to hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin. I use this oil, that lightly smells like sunflower, especially for my body. Naturalness: 99.8 %

⇒ Wash Off Facial Cleanser & Deep-Cleansing Cloth: A milky, creamy facial cleanser that comes with an exceptional soft deep-cleansing cloth. A great cleanser with fresh smell. I absolutely love the re-usable soft cloth that comes with it.    Naturalness: 98.5 %

⇒ Family Remedy Cream: A soothing multi-purpose blemish balm that reduces the appearance of eczema or acne prone skin, works on dry, cracked, sensitive skin, insect bites, minor burns etcetera etcetera. This cream smells like tea tree and has a rich texture. Naturalness: 97.6 %

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Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy