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BEAUTY August 19 2015 Comment

A little while ago, after months of being pregnant (and afterwards: getting used to my new life as a mommy), it was finally time to visit my hairstylist Immu Sundström at Salon B again. My hair was dull, it had split ends and grey was showing… Time to treat myself to a fresh new haircut and color!

And a treat it was :). Not only did I enjoy some precious hours to myself, I also pampered my hair a little extra by having the Olaplex treatment. Olaplex is a professional new hair treatment and a breakthrough in the cosmetic industry. Olaplex is a single active ingredient that is capable of reconnecting the disulphide sulfur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair coloring and lightening. The treatment is free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and animal testing, and consists of 3 steps:

Olaplex nr. 1 (only available at the salon) is mixed through your lightener and acts a ‘reset’ button for your hair. It rebuilds strength and structure.

Olaplex nr. 2 (only available at the salon) is used to link the remaining disulfide bonds after coloring service and restores strength and structure of the hair.

Olaplex nr. 3 can be used at home and must be used once a week for at least 10 minutes to maintain health and strength of the hair until the next service at the salon.

Together with hair color specialists from all over the world I’m amazed by the results of this 3 step treatment. My dark brown hair is not so easy to decolorize and therefore it must be bleached several times before achieving the desired violet grey highlights, but… thanks to the Olaplex treatment my locks are still in a very healthy condition!

After my next visit to the salon I will show you the results again!

Haircoloring by Immu Sundström at Salon B Haarlem. 

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy