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BEAUTY December 11 2014 Comment

An extensive high quality hair care range without all the harsh chemicals, but packed with gentle and effective ingredients. Doesn’t everybody want such a thing? Well, I’ve got good news for you. It exists and it’s called Original Mineral – also known as O&M. It’s the solution for those who desire stress-free hair whether it comes to coloring, cleansing, treatments or styling.

From the extensive collection I’ve tested 3 different products: the ‘Maintain The Mane’ shampoo and conditioner, and the ‘Style Guru’ styling cream. Maintain The Mane was recommended to me because I have healthy hair that only needs a mild daily moisturisation. From the very first use I noticed soft and super smooth hair. Like it was perfectly nourished and polished. A result which must have been due to the formula of evening primrose and macadamia see oils, and antioxidants and amino acids of Banksia Flower (a native Australian ingredient). The Style Guru styling cream is also a very nice product when you use it on damp dry hair for a bit of extra texture. To achieve volume: use some more and combine it with a blow-dry.

I didn’t try the O&M hair coloring yet but since I color my hair quite a lot, I’m very curious to try it sometime. The hair coloring products are based on the Clean Color Technology, which is a revolutionary system that promises the same results (complete grey coverage and vibrant lasting colors) as regular hair coloring, but without the harmful chemicals ammonia, resorcinol and PPD.

Extra bonus points go to the packaging, which look good in every bathroom thanks to its clean minimalistic look.

As you can tell: all positive here :). The only flaw I’ve found in the ‘Maintain The Mane’ products is the scent, it just isn’t my kind of fragrance. But of course that’s a personal thing and tastes differ. Plus I happen to know that the ‘Original Detox’ products do have a scent that I like.

In Amsterdam you can find the complete range at Roelof Hartstraat 17, in the salon of top hairstylist Rick van het Meer – who strives to work with clean products as much as possible.

Use your head and go try Original Mineral!

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy