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BEAUTY April 20 2016  Comment

Yesterday I was invited to the preview and pre-smell the Palmolive ‘Gourmet’ Body Butter Wash collection at boutique hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam.

This new shower collection consists of four delicious gourmand fragrances based on ‘edible’ notes: chocolate, peach, strawberry and vanilla. The body washes were presented on top of four gorgeous decorated cakes and there were all kinds of sweet little pastries inspired by the four body wash flavours. My favourite fragrances were peach and strawberry, both uplifting and fruity scents, perfect to start your day with. I must say that although it’s not really my thing, the chocolate fragrance was also very good. It smelled like actual chocolate. So good that you would almost eat it. But for me, chocolate scent is a bit too much in the morning.

A fragrance psychologist gave us a short workshop about the power of scent and what it does to our body and mind. Very interesting! Did you know that the reason why a lot of people like the scent of vanilla is because we were breastfed as a baby? Mother’s milk contains the substance ‘vanillin’. It reminds us of love and affection. A safe and loving period.

Palmolive also showed us their renewed look (logo and packaging) and three other new skin care products: the Delightful Jasmin, Invigorating Lemongrass and Indulgent Mulberry handwashes. These handwashes come in decorative bottles that ‘dress your sink’. My favourite scent? Mulberry!