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BEAUTY September 10 2014 Comment

Recently I’ve been introduced to the (improved!) skin care bestsellers of SENSAI, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

This luxury Japanese skin care brand combines advanced skin care technology with the power of a unique signature ingredient, Koishimaru Silk. In 1906, Kanebo started a silk thread factory and discovered that the employees who processed the silk, had soft and beautiful nourished hands. The link between silk and beauty was easily made and Kanebo Cosmetics was founded. The company discovered that certain silk peptides increase the collagen metabolism and promote the production of hyaluronic acid in dermal cells. Koishimaru silk is the only type of silk in which one of these certain peptides is found. It’s a rare and precious Japanese silk that once was only reserved for the imperial family.

So what does my evening Beauty routine look like? First I take Step 1 from the Silky Purifying line, an oily emulsion that removes the make-up and dirt. Then I take Step 2, which is a thick, silky soft foam which removes the dirt residue that is left after cleansing with Step 1. Two times a week I like to use the Silk Peeling Powder as an extra to exfoliate my skin. This enzyme powder deep cleanses the pores and removes dead cells. After this cleansing ritual, it’s time to hydrate! I use the lotion from the Cellular Performance line, which makes my skin receptive to the emulsion that comes next. Think of it as a dried out plant: if you pour a lot of water on dried out earth, it will not absorb well. But when you first moisten the soil a bit, the remainder of water will get in a lot easier! To top it off, I sometimes use the Cellular Performance cream. Although I don’t always feel like it’s necessary because the lotion and emulsion already hydrate my skin perfectly.

All of these steps are consciously carried out by the ‘Saho’ ritual. A term that can be traced back to the Japanese tea ceremony, which is a very precise step-by-step ritual. The Sensai ‘Saho’ is a skin care ritual that believes in double cleansing, double hydration and double application. The ritual needs to be performed every night to achieve flawless skin.

I noticed the difference in my skin very soon. It became more smooth and got a noticeable healthy glow. And thanks to the Peeling Powder, my pores are also less visible! I guess you could say that I’m getting a “Sensai skin” ;).

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy