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BEAUTY September 10 2014 Comment

Via my hairstylist at Salon B in Haarlem I found out about ‘Undone’ by The Insiders. A professional range of hair products to create sexy, messy, ‘undone’ hairstyles.

The brand originated from a unique collaboration of hair professionals: from award winning creatives, haircolorists and catwalk stylists to healthy hair experts. By bringing together their expertise, ‘The Insiders’ was born.

I as a (among others) hair product addict, tried it out and tested the range. I will describe what the products do and give my personal opinion about each product:

  • Walk On The Beach Seaweed Shampoo
  • A shampoo that will give you full, windswept hair and contains ingredients like seaweed, sea kelp, hawaiian white ginger, coconut, orange- and lavender oil. The perfect base for a beachy hairstyle.
  •  I was surprised by the texture of this shampoo (looks oatmeal-ish because of the bits and pieces) and I expected that it wouldn’t rinse well. But after using it, my hair was squeaky clean without any sign of leftovers :). Its scent (lavender and orange) is very nice, and that goes for all the products!
  • Walk On The Beach Conditioner & Prep
  • A lightweight leave-in spray that hydrates, softens, strengthens and detangles. It equalizes the hairs haft, giving it the perfect foundation for styling.
  •  Normally I use creamy conditioners that have to be rinsed out, but I loved this leave-in spray from the very first beginning. It’s a fun new way of prepping my hair for styling. I love that it is lightweight and that you can ‘mist’ it all over. So easy. 
  • Supernatural Thickening Cream
  • Weightless, protein enriched, body-cuilding cream for voluminous hair. Adds strength, hold and fullness.
  •  A nice creamy product for extra volume. Don’t use too much and don’t use it on dry hair because your hair will get greasy. Always use it the way it’s meant to be used: on towel dry hair, from roots to ends and finish with a blow-dry. 
  • Teaser Styling Dust
  • A powder with china clay and aloe vera, to sex up boring hair with and to give it an instant volume boost.
  •  At first I thought that the factory forgot to fill my bottle. This dust is so lightweight, it feels like there’s nothing in there! But don’t let its weight fool you, this product can work miracles for your hair. When applied to the roots it gives my hairdo a cool matte finish and instant volume!
  • 2nd Day Matte Paste
  • A soft, non-greasy paste for texture, movement and flexible hold.
  •  Don’t you agree that the day after washing your hair, it always looks its best? This clay can help you skip that first day and go directly to the second-day look. This paste is a good product for my hair type (the top layer tends to frizz). When I squeeze it in, it defines my natural waves and gives me more texture and less frizz. 
  • Woodstock Wax Spray
  • A soft, liquid wax spray for defined hair, texture and movement.
  •  Love this wax spray! Maybe even more then the 2nd Day Matte paste ;) because of the light, slightly oily, substance. You’d think it would be a thick, stiff substance (wax), but it’s not. Make sure you don’t spray too much, otherwise your tresses may get greasy.  

I bet you are curious to find out how these products can be used in creating different hairstyles… Well, I have good news for you! Starting this week, I will be posting a series of cool DIY hair tutorials, all made in collaboration with a professional hairstylist team from Salon B. So stay tuned and get inspired!

The products above are all available in the webshop of Salon B. During checkout you are asked if you’re already a customer of Salon B. If you are not, don’t worry! You can “borrow” my hairstylist and fill in that you are a customer of Immu Sundström at Salon B in Haarlem :).

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  • Danique

Photography by Danique Bauer / © WhatIWouldBuy