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FOOD December 16 2015 Comment

YES! Another new hotspot in my beloved Amsterdam Noord. Restaurant Hangar Amsterdam opened its doors a month ago and I’ve already been there twice. It’s an absolute must-go!

The restaurant is located in a beautiful rusty hangar by the water, with a spectacular view over het IJ. At night you see lights from the buildings across sparkle in the water. An amazing sight!

The restaurant is owned by Tim Immers and styled by his wife Stella Willing, who did a very good job decorating the interior. It’s an eclectic mix of vintage, modern and bohemian. The lighting is not too bright which gives it an intimate vibe. I love the chic crystal lightbulbs that are hanging from the ceiling and the eccentric brass Palm tree floor lamp!

After a lovely dinner (Starter: serrano ham. Main: lobster tails with homemade fries and mayonaise. Dessert: chocolate cake. Wine: an excellent Pouilly-Fumé), we finished the evening with whiskey and cocktails at the bar.

Spoiler alert :)! In the beginning of 2016 they are expanding the menu with lunch. And best of all, they are thinking of creating a mini beach outside next Spring/Summer!

Lucky me it’s around the corner! I’m never moving again ;).