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  • Danique | Founder and Editor in Chief

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Hi there!

I'm Danique Bauer, Founder and Editor in Chief at whatiwouldbuy.com.

I launched whatiwouldbuy.com because I have a great affection for all things new, luxury, cool and aesthetic when it comes to Fashion, Interior, Beauty, Travel, Food and Lifestyle. The newest trends and products, innovative design, luxury brands, talented young designers, special places to travel to... You name it, I write about it :).

Through this international website I want to inspire and let you know "What I Would Buy".

Are you interested in the possibilities regarding advertising and collaboration?

Please go to the Advertising & Collaboration page and get in touch with me!



I studied Graphic Design at the Art Academy in Utrecht

A lot of the photography on whatiwouldbuy.com is done by me

I also work as a freelance editor, copywriter and content creator for brands, companies and magazines

I live in Amsterdam with my husband, two year old daughter and british shorthair cat

I can’t go somewhere without a little blue tin of Nivea in my bag

Most of my best memories are somehow all connected to food

I make mistakes but never regret them :)

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  • Chantal | BEAUTY contributor
  • Chantal writes for whatiwouldbuy.com on a regular base and keeps you up to date about the newest Beauty trends and products.


I’m Chantal Ferro, 29 years old and from now on I will work as a contributor for whatiwouldbuy.com.

I think whatiwouldbuy.com gives a great overview of luxury items and services and keeps you up to date about the latest trends and talents. I’m happy to be able to contribute to such a distinctive platform.

I have a Master’s degree in Communication Science and have been working in Marketing and Public Relations for years. But my real passion is writing, writing, writing… This started when I was ten years old and bought my first diary. To this day I still write down all my thoughts, feelings and inspirations.

I’m Portuguese, grew up in Rotterdam but lost my heart to Amsterdam eleven years ago while walking through the Jordaan. It’s where I’m living now and still get butterflies in my stomach when strolling by the canals. Amsterdam vibrates at a frequency that fits me perfectly :).

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    • Carina |  DIY / INTERIOR contributor
    • Carina writes for whatiwouldbuy.com about Interior and shares the coolest DIY projects with you.


I’m Carina, a creative person, psychologist and owner of y-deas.com. Two years ago I untapped my creativity and ever since I’m unstoppable in creating DIY projects and designing new DIY objects.

I feel honored to share all my DIY ideas and creations with you through WhatIWouldBuy. By looking beyond first impressions, I come up with surprising ideas and bring objects and people fully into play.

You will find my latest ideas and projects on whatiwouldbuy.com, so get inspired and keep on checking them out!